What makes us different

Roots Recovery is not a house full of individuals trying to recover on their own, it is a tightly knit group working together to achieve lasting sobriety. Our residents benefit from a structured daily schedule that everyone adheres to. We strive to create an environment of solidarity and belonging. A new person coming to Roots will find a group of their peers who help to hold each other accountable, and a chance to bond with others who share a similar past. 


Roots provides:

  • Solidarity Everyone living at Roots is working towards the same goal, and have many common stories in their past
  • Help finding employment House managers take all unemployed residents to search for jobs five days a week. Roots provides resources for resume building and improving interview skills
  • Structure All Roots residents commit to a structured daily schedule which includes outpatient counseling and attendance of the same 12 step meetings and the nightly house meeting
  • Transportation Transportation is provided by van to and from court dates and scheduled doctors appointments. Additionally all residents are provided with a weekly MCTS transit pass and have access to a fleet of bicycles available for check out, including locks and helmets. Residents who are not familiar with the bus system in Milwaukee are helped by other residents and house managers while they learn to navigate the area
  • Fellowship Roots residents take many weekend trips together; camping, rafting, young people's 12 step conferences, and also participate in Roots-sponsored sports leagues
  • Live-In Managers Each Roots house has a live-in full-time manager who has completed the Roots program. Managers ensure that the daily schedule is followed and chores are completed. Roots house managers help residents find a 12 step sponsor and home group that meets their needs and provide a sounding board for resident's questions and concerns about building a sober life
  • Court and Probationary support Residents who have ongoing court appearances are provided with transportation and written confirmation of their place at Roots and their progress in the program when requested
  • Active Lifestyle Roots residents may check out daily gym passes and bicycles, and participate in fun runs, yoga, and seasonal volleyball, softball, and basketball leagues