Shared Experiences to Give Others Strength & Hope for Recovery


Joe M.

– Joe M.

“I can honestly say that I think Roots saved my life. I didn’t really see a future past 27 when I was in the midst of my addiction. Now I find myself with the opportunity to help others that are in the situation I once was. I went from not being able to go 24 hours sober to being a full-time student, while also working to support myself. My relationships have taken on a meaning that I never could have imagined.”

– Megan B.

“When I got to Roots I felt lost, alone, and broken. I felt like I had no purpose in life, I wasn’t really living – I was barely existing. I knew I couldn’t keep living the way I was, but the idea of being sober scared me too. At Roots I realized I wasn’t alone, I was given the chance to live in a safe environment with other women who were rebuilding in the same way I was. I was given the tools and guidance to not only stay sober, but to be the best version of myself in all areas of life. Today I have rebuilt relationships. I have formed true friendships. I have learned how to love and respect others, but more importantly how to love and respect myself. I went back to school and got a job in a field that I want to pursue as a career. I am content while I continue to learn and grow. I have peace today, and I am forever grateful.”

Megan B.
Cody G.

– Cody G.

“From where I was before in my life, not being able to make a living and emotionally unstable, to where I am today my life is drastically different. I didn’t know how to treat myself, friends, or family. Going through Roots helped me build a new relationship with my family and so many more people that I can call friends. The structure Roots has showed me how to own up to my responsibilities and be a man of my word. Before I came to Roots I was full of fear of what I was going to do with my life. Now I have a better outlook on life and feel I’ll be able to handle a lot thrown my way. I strongly recommend Roots for anyone who wants to find a different and better way to live. Let Roots help you!”

– Hannah S.

“I was exhausted and I felt alone. I felt like I had been broken into one million pieces. Roots helped me pick up each piece, examine it, and learn to love it. I was surrounded by people who understood me. I got relief. I finally believed that things were going to be ok.

Today, I am happy. I am present. I am healthy. I am honest. I’m employed. I’m back in school. I have genuine friends and relationships. I have a 7 year old son who loves me. I have a family that is proud of me. For all of those things, I am eternally grateful.”

Hannah S.
Ryan R.

– Ryan R.

“Before I came to Roots I had destroyed my relationships with friends and family, and I had nothing to be proud of. At Roots I found a group of people that I could relate to, and was shown the tools I needed to finally find peace of mind. Now with over 2 years of sobriety, I have put in the work to rebuild my relationships and develop new ones with people that I love and care about. I’m self-reliant for the first time in my life, and I just started graduate school. I feel like I have found a purpose in my life.”

– Tripp B.

“I felt lost and left behind in a fast paced world. I’d drink until I forgot how badly I treated the people who wanted to help me. Thankfully I gave up and admitted I needed help. When I got to Roots I was so ready to learn how to live differently. Roots helped me grow up, and showed me how to be of real help to people around me. Roots helped me find a life I didn’t even know existed.”
Tripp B.
Mahala D.

– Mahala D.

“I learned to love myself in my time at Roots. I made forever friends who helped me throughout my journey. Today I am a strong woman who trusts and respects others, and myself. That was totally unimaginable while I was using. I am extremely grateful to Roots for helping me find the courage and strength to be who I am today.”

– Cameron P.

“Roots taught me how to LIVE in sobriety. I kept finding myself at a place where I couldn’t live with or without drugs. Throughout my 6 months at Roots, I learned how to have meaningful friendships, how to hold others accountable, how to deal with the consequences of my use and behavior, the benefits of intimacy and vulnerability with peers, how to have fun again, how to work and live the 12 steps, among hundreds of other life skills and lessons. Since graduating, I got my own place – a place I love and that feels like home. I have a stable, healthy relationship with a romantic partner. I have a career in a field that interests and challenges me. Most importantly, I have continued to build and develop the relationships with my family and the guys I met at Roots.”

Cameron P.
Jeff S.

– Jeff S.

“I was miserable in active addiction. My family was at their wit’s end with me. Drugs were absolutely running my life. Now, I am a responsible adult. My outlook on life was bleak until I completed the Roots program. My life got better every day and I can’t wait to see what life has to offer me in the future.”

– Kayla G.

“I came into Roots completely broken and hopeless, and today I have a life better than I ever thought possible. I have developed healthy, genuine relationships with other women in recovery and feel so fortunate to be able to watch women learn and grow in the program. I grew up in Roots, and now I can be the healthy mom I always wanted to be for my kids.”
Kayla G.
Seth J.

– Seth J.

“My experience in Roots was life changing. I came in scared, lonely, and completely lost. Roots helped me develop the tools and motivation to not only maintain total abstinence from drugs and alcohol, but to thrive in all areas of my life. I built countless new friendships and have been able to mend relationships that I thought might never be repaired. Words really can’t describe everything that I gained during my time at Roots. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I was given.”

– Zach R.

“Two years ago I hit rock bottom due to my drug and alcohol abuse, and I didn’t see anyway out. I was hopeless. Luckily I found Roots, and not only did I learn how to live a sober life, I also learned who I really am. For the first time that I could remember, I liked myself and I liked where my life was heading. After my time in the house I got to be a house manager, and learned how critical it is to help others in recovery. Today at over two years sober I am the son, brother, and friend that I always wanted to be. It’s crazy how fast things can change – two years of doing the right things and now I’m in graduate school, have a great job, and recently ran a marathon. Life is good.”

Zach R.
Ethan G.

– Ethan G.

“My personal recovery from drug addiction is one of my proudest accomplishments. I owe a lot of my success to the Roots program, and the people who have been committed to helping me learn and grow. Having completed the Roots program, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to become a house manager and help guys who are exactly where I was a few years ago – lost, hopeless, and defeated. Now I can clearly see how much of an impact addiction has on friends, families, and the community. I am extremely grateful to be able to play a small part in helping new residents make the courageous decision to change their lives forever.”


– Pete C.

“My life prior to Roots had zero normalcy. I spent years in and out of institutions, jumping from rehab to rehab, sleeping in the streets, winding up in hospitals completely baffled as to why I couldn’t get and stay sober. When my journey finally landed me in Roots, for the first time in my life I met men my age who shared my problem and had found a solution. These were men who seemed free, and I was willing to do everything they did, so I too could be free.

The structure and brotherhood here at Roots led me to a spiritual experience that has changed my life. I can’t begin to put into words what it’s like to have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, but I can say that I am excited to see what life has in store for me, and look forward to sharing my experience with others the way that this has been so freely shared with me.”

– Devon B.

“I initially came to Roots because I had nowhere else to go. What I found there saved my life and impacted me in a way I never thought possible. For the first time ever, I saw young men who found a way out of their darkness. The men at Roots could relate to me like no one ever had before, and they cared enough about me to show me what they did to recover. I learned how to be a man, a good employee, a brother, and a better son. Roots offered me something that other places didn’t. It’s not something that I can describe, it has to be experienced. As for my future, anything is possible. I find fulfillment in my daily life now.”

– Ted H.

“During my time at Roots, I learned that being in recovery shouldn’t be a limitation on life. Living at Roots encouraged me to take a very focused and disciplined approach to the 12-step program and spirituality, and my experience has been that these things can only enrich my life. Roots gave me something that I can now give to others, and I really enjoy being able to help out other alcoholics and drug addicts because of that.

My life has been changed ever since my stay at Roots. I am back in school, and I will be graduating in the fall. I’m getting married next summer. My relationships with my family and friends are much healthier and far more enjoyable today. During the months leading up to my stay at Roots, I didn’t think these things were possible for me anymore. I am lucky to have shared in this unique experience at Roots and to have had such strong guidance early on in my recovery.”

– Brennan S.

“My life and mind have honestly completely changed from the day I came into Roots to the day that I left. I am so much happier and more positive. I was sad, depressed, I lied, cheated, stole from everyone even those I loved. I hated myself and where my life was headed. I regained my relationships with family and I am a much better family member than I have ever been before in my life. Roots helped me learn, and realize, and also see a whole new outlook on life. My life was dark, depressing, and very unhealthy.

Through following what Roots outlined for me the whole world is different to me. All for the better. I’m happy. I’ve learned to not get depressed and accept all that life throws at me. Thanks to Roots I’m a much better man. I’m responsible, I take care of myself, and I have been sober over 2 years. Not only have I been sober, but I have been a new and improved person since I walked into Roots.”

– Kristian G.

“Coming to Roots I had no idea how to live like an adult. I had never paid rent, held down a job, or had a roof over my head. I couldn’t function around others. I was angry and depressed. I could not stop drinking and drugging. Roots taught me how to live, and I am eternally grateful.”

– James A.

“Before coming to Roots I lived a selfish, miserable life. Luckily when I arrived at Roots I was broken down and scared enough to do whatever I had to. While at Roots I learned how to be the man I always wanted to be, I developed a relationship with God, and I recovered from alcoholism. I never could have done this alone.”

– Ben S.

“Before I came to Roots I tried to get sober many times, many different ways. My life was miserable. If I wasn’t already drunk or high, all I could think about was catching my next buzz. I dropped out of school, lied to everyone, stole and manipulated people constantly. The last few years I went through countless treatments and stints in jail. I thought I was beyond help.

When I first got to Roots I was hopeless about beating my addiction. I was uncomfortable living with a bunch of guys that I did not know. But over time, I made friends with the other guys and did what was asked of me. It started to be fun and I enjoyed the things we had to do. Because of Roots pushing me to work the steps, I found freedom and joy, and am now able to be the man I always wanted to be. Now I feel like I’m in a position to succeed in life.”

– Kenny B.

“I was in my late 20s when I entered the Roots program. Though I had life experience in terms of employment, apartment renting, cooking, and shopping. I could never employ these skills to their fullest because of my drug use. Throughout Roots I learned to live a life of discipline and acceptance. Today I live life as a free man. I am now engaged to the woman I love, helpful to my family, and gainfully employed. I would not trade my 6 months at Roots for anything. I feel a sense of gratitude that keeps me giving back to the recovery community and society at large.”

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Roots Recovery Addiction Treatment Success Stories

“My Son Has Grown Up and Owned Up.
Roots Saved Our Whole Family”

“My son is a completely different person. All of the positive qualities and personality traits of him prior to his drug use have returned and then some. He is actually mentally present now. I don’t believe he would have lived much longer if he would have continued on the path he was on.

At the start of the program, I was terrified that I would have to bury my son. I didn’t know what to do or how to get through to him. As the months passed I was able to hear/see changes in his attitude about everything. The program made him really look at himself, his choices, and his life. Counselors at Roots and the support of others going through the program helped him to focus on his recovery and future success.

My son is taking control and responsibility for the direction of his own life. He is finally able to have meaningful conversations and relationships with all family members. The other day I heard him say, “Dad, I finally get it.” That would never have happened before he went through the program. We had gotten to the point previously that he and his dad hardly ever talked or even looked at each other. Before, my son could hardly even string together a complete sentence let alone a conversation. I was afraid it may have been permanent.

After his time with Roots, it is all back. He thinks before doing things he knows could make his sobriety difficult. He uses what he has learned from the program to help him continue to be successful. His intelligence has always been there, but now he uses it. The biggest thing I notice is that he actually seems equipped to handle life now. He has grown up and owned up. Everyone deserves another chance and this is ours. Roots saved our whole family. Thank you!”

– Lynda C.

Roots Recovery Addiction Treatment Success Stories

“Healing and Moving Forward”

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Roots program. It has helped my son Devon piece his life back together. He has learned about his addiction, how to structure his life, and what he can and cannot control. Devon’s attitude is strong and confident. He has grown leaps and bounds, into a responsible, loving, grateful young man. I am proud.

Devon has made amends to his family and close friends. The pain that addiction has caused us is healing as Devon and our family move forward to a happy, healthy life.”

– Linda B.

Roots Recovery Addiction Treatment Success Stories

“We Took A Huge Leap of Faith”

“It has been a very scary journey. James is in a better place; growing. Before he was dying. He has grown, in all dimensions, positively. We are excited to be able to observe his personality re-emerge.

Before, we were in crises, always in fear. Now we can release that fear, and look forward to good surprises from James. It has not been smooth, but it has been worth it! It was a huge leap of faith (and we are still leaping!) the day we dropped him off, in a strange place, with no sense of the future. It was timing – a perfect storm; in a good way. James hit a low and Roots was there to walk with him in a way we could not.”

– Teri A.

Roots Recovery Addiction Treatment Success Stories

“We Tried Many Programs
and Spent A lot of Money”

“This program saved his life and we have our son back. He has become a strong, reliable young man. We were hopeless before Roots. We had tried many treatment programs over the years, spent a lot of money. He was never able to maintain sobriety, until now. He has a bright future, and so much to offer.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing your child is happy and healthy. We have him back!”

– Beth C.

Roots Recovery Addiction Treatment Success Stories

“New Friendships Formed
A Sphere of Influence”

“I feel RJ was able to make healthy relationships to help keep him sober at Roots. He bonded well with the house manager and the other people in the program. These relationships appear to be very strong, they are open and honest, and they are supportive of whatever life throws at them. I believe these friendships will last forever much like a college friendship, and I also believe that he needed the opportunity to meet new people to form a sphere of influence.

The program changed RJ dramatically. When he visits home, he always seems to want to get back to the group, even now that he has graduated from the program. We are seeing a side of RJ that we never saw before. I actually believe RJ was changing around 8th grade, he was not very open, seemed somewhat depressed and appeared not to enjoy high school and was uninvolved. Now when he comes home he is open, sensitive to others feelings, helpful, respectful, and a good listener.

I believe RJ is on the right path and has changed to having good strong morals that will lead to a successful life. Thank you, he got this from your program and his efforts, it is exactly what we needed for him. Without your program, I believe RJ would either be in jail or passed on, you have made the future much brighter.”

– Rick K.

Roots Recovery Addiction Treatment Success Stories

“I Couldn’t Be Prouder…”

“I felt such depression and anxiety when Brennan was using. The crimes he committed, how he would mainly steal from family with no mind to how we were affected. I truly believe the absolute need to stay high overpowered him and overpowers so many that that is all that is in their minds. Every other emotion is blocked. With every passing day, I have greater hope for continued recovery. I continue to pray for all who are struggling.

I have seen a total turn around, I believe in guidance from the “higher power” – and he believes too. Brennan has such an inner drive now to succeed. He has totally improved relations with family. We can rely on him if we ask for help. I couldn’t be prouder of where Brennan is now. The good work he does, the hope he gives others. He knows what others are going through.

My outlook previously was a probable early funeral for my son and now I am so thankful for the experience he has had at Roots. What you have done for him, how he was led in the right direction. It is hard work to recover! It took a power he didn’t have in the beginning and now I am so happy he can share hope to save more young people. Thank you!”

– Jenny S.


Testimonial: Eric’s Experience at Roots Recovery

Eric’s Experience at Roots Recovery

“Through completing the Roots Recovery program my life has changed in such a profound way it cannot be adequately explained in words. The men I went through the house with became like brothers to me. They showed me how to have fun and thrive in sobriety. I learned how to have healthy relationships, how to be a responsible adult, and how to be a man of integrity. I have been to other sober living programs, and Roots is truly one of a kind in the best way possible.

My outlook on the future is filled with hope. I have been sober for over a year, something I never thought possible for someone like me before completing Roots. With the skills and tools I learned and developed over the course of my 6 month stay I know I can face anything life throws at me. I graduated in December of 2016 and continue to work a program of recovery. I am content with life for the first time in recent memory. This might sound exaggerated, but I assure you it is not. I strongly believe that I owe Roots far more than I could ever repay them. For anyone struggling with addiction or alcoholism I would give Roots my wholehearted recommendation.”

– Eric L.

Testimonial: Nicole’s Experience at Roots Recovery

Nicole’s Experience at Roots Recovery

“Before coming to Roots I was living a life completely based on self. The relationships with my family and friends that I did have were shaky at best. I was disenchanted with life and could not bring myself to care about things I had once been very passionate about due to high anxiety and depression that stemmed from my alcoholism. I wanted to change, but found I was unable to on my own. The structure of the Roots program was exactly what I needed. It gave me purpose and I saw women around me that were happy and succeeding in life. I felt inspired again, and became willing to do whatever it took to live a sober, content life.

As I went through the program the anxiety that I once experienced faded away and I found myself able to use my experience to help other women. Today my life looks very different. I have been able to repair and recreate trusting relationships with family and friends that I did not think possible, as well as forming new and lasting friendships with others in recovery. I have integrity and am able to live up to my word. For the first time in my life I am financially independent and self-sufficient. By being willing to accept and utilize all that the Roots program had to offer, I have been able to build a life I never could have imagined. I have confidence, freedom, and hope for the future. If I continue on this path I know I can be successful in everything I do, and more importantly I can help others along the way.”

– Nicole L.

Testimonial: A Mother & Father’s Perspective (Eric L.)

Mother & Father’s Perspective (Eric L.)

“There was a time when our outlook for Eric’s future was bleak. The rollercoaster ride we were on seemed to have no end. The son we had raised who was loving, kind, empathetic, sensitive, smart, funny and a joy to be with had been lost to us. His drug use became our burden to hide from our family and friends. We went through life not knowing if we would ever have happiness again. Every phone call might have meant hearing our son was truly gone from our lives forever.

We have seen a dramatic change in Eric since he started at Roots Recovery. We think it began with the first month of no family contact and no phone privileges. It gave Eric the opportunity to reflect on his situation and his future. We believe that on some level, Eric was ready to embrace recovery but until he attended Roots, he did not know how to begin a life of sobriety and kept falling back into old habits.

Eric has also taken responsibility for his daily life. He no longer avoids making adult decisions or looks to us to help him figure things out. He has taken charge of his own life and is growing into the young man that we knew he could be. He has become more confident and realizes his worth.

As important as Roots was for our son, we also found a family support group to help us deal with the challenges of having an addict in the family. With the support of others facing a similar situation, we began to feel we weren’t alone and we could find happiness again. We found strength in accepting that we couldn’t make him stop his drug use but we could offer him support for anything related to his sobriety.

We know Eric’s recovery will be a lifelong journey but for today, thanks to Roots Recovery, the son we knew has returned. The transformation has been remarkable. Eric has sought and received our forgiveness for things that Eric the addict did while he was using drugs. He has given us hope for his future and now, he works to help others struggling with addiction to find their future too.”

– Nancy L.

Testimonial: A Mother & Father’s Perspective (Nicole L.)

Mother & Father’s Perspective (Nicole L.)

“Nicole’s increasing alcohol consumption escaped us as we were consumed with our son’s drug use. College drinking can be more accepted and as a result, may be excused. As educated as we became about drug addiction we failed to see the severity of Nicole’s own addiction to alcohol. As she began to experience more consequences because of her drinking i.e. roommate conflicts, lower grades in college, a DUI, etc. we were forced to open our eyes. Once Nicole had to leave school because of her heavy drinking we realized we could not force her to stop any more than we could stop our son’s drug use. We could, however, offer her treatment.

Nicole was asked to leave inpatient treatment for not adhering to their rules. We immediately contacted Roots Recovery based on our son Eric’s success there. We believe that the structure and peer support offered in the Roots sober living houses are critical components to achieving and maintaining sobriety. Many young people battling addictions have lost or damaged relationships with family and friends. In Roots sober living they will find opportunities to make new connections with those who will not judge and can relate to whatever they as an addict have done. Roots will support, encourage and hold each resident accountable. Through counseling and sober living the resident can begin their road to recovery. Through countless activities, Roots sober living can help the addict realize that there can be a fun and meaningful future in a life of sobriety.

Nicole has successfully completed the six-month program and, now manages one of the sober living houses. She has accepted and surrendered to her alcoholism and now works her program to maintain sobriety. She has found confidence in herself and not in a bottle. Nicole is once again happy and a joy to be with. She enjoys time with her family and friends again. Nicole was always reliable, responsible, and self-motivated. We believe she didn’t see how her alcohol dependence was changing all that. Today she recognizes the harm and destruction that continuing to drink was going to have on her entire life. Thanks to the Roots program, we feel her future is bright again.”

– Nancy L.

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