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Addiction Treatment Services In Milwaukee

Addiction is all-consuming. It can affect every aspect of your daily life, from how you care for yourself to how you treat others. At Roots Recovery, we empower you to live a life free of drugs and alcohol by providing the resources, tools, and support you need for lasting sobriety.

We’ll help you gradually progress through your treatment using our step-down approach, so that as you build coping skills, accountability, and stability, you can rely less on our structured environment and spend more time living your new life.

Milwaukee Substance Abuse Treatment

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    Our Approach to Addiction Recovery

    Over the many years we’ve spent helping others beat addiction, we’ve never had two clients who took the same path to recovery. That’s why we made a vow to always “meet clients where they’re at”. Your journey through our programs is flexible, whether you need to spend more time in a more intensive level of care, or are better served by a more adaptable treatment program. We’ll help you determine the best treatment path for your specific needs.

    Substance Abuse Day Treatment

    During our Day Treatment program, you’ll undergo partial hospitalization programming (PHP). We begin by evaluating your treatment goals, and then set a plan in place to help you achieve them.

    Addiction can affect the mind, body, and spirit, and we address all three. During Day Treatment, we provide guidance on proper nutrition and exercise, teaching you how to care for your body in healthy ways. With individual therapy, you can work with an experienced substance abuse counselor to discover, and then heal, the underlying causes of your addiction. We also introduce you to the 12-Steps, a guided program for addiction recovery that you can adapt to meet your specific needs.

    Day Treatment, or a partial hospitalization program, is similar to inpatient treatment, except that clients are able to return to the comfort of a home at the end of the day. It’s designed to keep you grounded in daily life while still upholding a strong commitment to your treatment program.

    Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is the next step down from Day Treatment. Clients in IOP still spend a significant amount of time working with our clinical team as well as their peers, but will have greater independence and responsibility, as time spent in recovery is less intensive.

    During IOP, we reinforce the 12 Steps, continuing to help you progress along your recovery journey and heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Because clients in this stage are spending more time in the workforce and traditional society, we focus on teaching practical coping skills for stress management. We also work on mindfulness and meditation, constantly updating our curriculum to ensure that you stay engaged and active in your recovery.

    In addition to group work, you will continue to meet with your substance abuse counselor for individual sessions, where you can discuss obstacles in your way to getting back on the right track. 

    Outpatient Addiction Treatment

    In Outpatient Treatment, you’ll still meet with your substance abuse counselor frequently, but you’ll be focusing more on group and partner work. This stage of the recovery process is spent looking at long-term goals, ongoing sobriety, and planning for a future free of substance abuse.

    Clients who participate in our Outpatient Treatment program in Milwaukee have an opportunity to stay engaged with their peers, refine their toolkit, and sharpen the skills they obtained during other levels of care.

    In our Outpatient program, there’s no hard finish line, because we don’t want to put pressure on you. Our goal is to let you access treatment for as long as it takes to ensure that when you leave Roots Recovery, you’re positioned for success.

    Milwaukee Sober Living & Alumni Homes

    We’re proud to offer Sober Living and Alumni Homes designed to help our clients achieve lasting sobriety with others who are experiencing similar difficulties and challenges.

    Sober Living

    Sober Living at Roots Recovery offers more than just drug-free housing in Milwaukee. We provide clients an opportunity to reside in a safe, recovery-focused environment where they can share experiences, strength, and hope with their peers as they progress through their own path of treatment. It also confronts the isolation that many people whose lives have been shaped by substance abuse feel. Our residential homes are more than just places to live — they’re entrances into a supportive community, providing the connection needed to feel fully motivated in recovery.

    With gender-specific Sober Living homes for men and women, our structured living program was designed with fellowship and the development of practical skills in mind. Clients will be accompanied by a full-time, live-in house manager who has successfully completed the Roots Recovery program. Managers not only ensure that clients stay on track, they often become trusted confidantes for clients to lean on during treatment, and after.

    In Sober Living with Roots Recovery, we make promises: you’ll get a job, learn how to contribute, and make connections with fellow residents and staff that will guide you through the rest of your life.

    Alumni Homes

    While clients stay in more regimented Sober Living homes during our primary care, our Alumni Homes can help smooth the transition into recovery for those who have successfully completed primary addiction care. Adjusting back to daily life can be difficult for many individuals struggling with substance abuse, making our Alumni Homes an ideal choice for a safe, secure environment while building support networks with peers who understand what it’s like to battle — and overcome, and live with — addiction.

    Clients living in an Alumni Home do the same things they would do for themselves if they lived in a regular home, like pay their own rent and buy their own food, while they benefit from living with a Roots alumni house manager and recovery-focused peers. Our Alumni Homes are just one of the many ways we help men and women stay committed to their recovery who we believe would benefit from the additional support they need to maintain sobriety throughout their lives.

    Begin the Journey to Lifelong Sobriety

    Roots Recovery is a unique place to be, because around every turn, you’ll find people who have been where you are and are enthusiastic about paying it forward and helping you overcome your addiction.

    To learn more about how Roots Recovery can help you achieve the future you deserve, or to discuss which of our substance abuse treatment programs would be the best place for you to start your journey, call us at 844.447.6687.

    Milwaukee Addiction Treatment