The Roots Recovery sober living program is dedicated to teaching young people how to recover from drug and alcohol addiction and lead a life of purpose, devoted to helping others and achieving lifelong peace and serenity.



Many young people have a hard time getting involved with the recovery community. It can be uncomfortable to be the new face in a room full of strangers. Roots Recovery residents instantly become part of a fellowship of peers active in 12 step groups. The shared experience of attending effective and enjoyable meetings and events in the Milwaukee area makes recovery fun and social.

Recovery requires discipline, willingness to change, and the ability to surrender to a new way of living. Statistics show that people who complete six month sober living programs have significantly lower rates of relapse than people who attend 28 or 90 day programs exclusively. Graduates of programs like ours stay sober because after six months our standards become their way of life. 

Our sober living program is a 6-month commitment and is limited to young adults over the age of 18. Residents must adhere to Roots program standards and principles, designed to promote healthy recovery.

These standards include:

  • prohibition of all alcohol and mood altering drugs or chemicals

  • working all 12 steps

  • attendance of in-house and external meetings

  • respect for each other’s privacy, safety, and possessions


Roots Recovery community members must replace old modes of thinking and acting with a new system of personal responsibility.



Roots residents learn self-discipline while living with a group of their peers who share the common purpose of recovery. A strong sense of community allows our residents to share in each other’s struggles and triumphs.

Young adults who become part of our community are required to find employment and become self-supporting. Residents must pay their own way for the final five months of their stay.


All of our houses are located in Milwaukee's East Side Cambridge Heights neighborhood. This is a vibrant area close to Lake Michigan with easy access to public transit and many opportunities to find work.

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