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Roots Recovery Outpatient Programming

At Roots Recovery, our team is here to walk closely with you during each step of your recovery journey. Outpatient Treatment is the phase where we ensure that you’re prepared to face the challenges and obstacles that your future will put in your path.

Leading up to this point, we’ve worked together to fill your toolbox with the skills you need to maintain a lifelong recovery. During Outpatient Treatment, we’ll continue to focus on sharpening those skills, acquiring new ones, and helping you stay connected to a recovery network that will support your re-integration into society as a sober individual.

Our Outpatient Treatment Program in Milwaukee

Our continuum of care allows our clients to progress from highly intensive, structured programming to treatment that allows for more flexibility and freedom. Using this step-down approach, our clients slowly transition from rehab into the full responsibilities that come with life, spending less and less time in outpatient programming as they gain the skills, confidence, and accountability they need to lead successful and sober lives.

Outpatient Treatment, which our clients typically begin following our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), acts as the final transition between dedicated rehab and everyday life.

Clients in Outpatient Treatment participate in programming two times a week, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., and meet with their individual substance abuse counselor on a third day. Outpatient Treatment generally lasts 90-120 days, but at Roots Recovery, we don’t set hard timelines. Your recovery path is unique to you: stay as long as you need to ensure that your rehab is successful.

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At Roots Recovery, we take a comprehensive approach during all phases of our drug and alcohol rehab program, allowing us to address the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of our clients throughout the entire recovery process. During Outpatient Treatment, our curriculum will provide you with the coping skills, support, and professional guidance you need to sustain your reclaimed life.

Individual substance abuse counseling at Roots Recovery

Individual Substance Abuse Counseling

Individual Substance Abuse Counseling

As you continue to make progress on existing conversations from other levels of care and as new topics come to the surface during your sessions, individual counseling will continue to serve as a cornerstone for your recovery during this phase of drug and alcohol rehab. Because Outpatient Treatment is the final step in our clinical programming, we want to make sure that you’re fully prepared to succeed personally and professionally in recovery.

You and your certified Milwaukee substance abuse counselor will consider your life beyond treatment. You’ll establish long-term goals and put a plan in place to achieve them. You’ll spend time discussing lifelong sobriety and sustainable happiness, making sure that you have everything you need to experience both.

Group therapy session at Roots Recovery

Group Addiction Therapy and Partner Work

Group Therapy for Addiction

As with our other stages of treatment at Roots Recovery, we provide our clients with group counseling in Outpatient Treatment. While we understand that openly sharing your problems in a group environment can be difficult, you’ll quickly discover that you’re not alone in the way you feel or the issues you face. Group therapy allows you to work on your recovery with others who are dealing with similar challenges, but it also gives you an opportunity to support your peers.

In Outpatient Treatment, we take special care to educate our clients on how to form healthy relationships and effectively communicate with others. Our clients foster a strong sense of fellowship and universal support with their peers during group meetings, which further strengthens the foundation for recovery that we strive to help build.

Group therapy at Roots Recovery

Personal and Professional Life Skills

Group Therapy for Addiction at Roots Recovery

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment is an opportunity for our experienced recovery team to check in on our clients’ progress and make sure that they’re continuing to use the life skills they’ve gained throughout rehab, including:

  • Planning for the future, resume building and continuing education
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Continuing to manage a healthy work/life balance
  • Health and wellness, including nutrition and physical activity
  • How to stay active in recovery after treatment

Outpatient Treatment represents an opportunity for our clients to incorporate everything they’ve learned during rehab into real-life practice and prove to themselves and those that they love most that recovery is possible. 

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    Long-Term Substance Abuse Treatment in Milwaukee

    Breaking the cycle of addiction and preventing relapse requires an individual to make significant life changes, and while we understand that each person will take a different path to recovery, we believe that our long-term substance abuse treatment model gives our clients the best chance at achieving long-term sobriety.

    At Roots Recovery, we’re committed to helping all clients build a strong and supportive foundation for their recovery, regardless of how long it may take.

    Benefits of Long-Term Rehab

    Positive Change in Environment

    Positive Environment: One of the biggest advantages of long-term rehab can be the positive change in environment. You’ll get a chance to remove yourself from the situations that trigger drug and alcohol use, while also learning how to deal with them in the future.

    Structured Program

    Structured Schedule: Our structured program teaches the importance of balancing the time you should spend on your recovery and the time you need to take care of your personal and professional responsibilities. Like any new schedule or process, repetition is one of the keys to learning.

    Comprehensive Approach

    Underlying Issues: Discussing the root causes of your addiction is a primary focus in the early stages of substance abuse therapy. These issues, which often fuel your addiction, require a comprehensive approach in order to fully heal and move forward in recovery.

    Co-occurring Other Mental Issues

    Dual-Diagnosis Treatment: A longer duration of stay in drug and alcohol rehab will not only give our clinical team an opportunity to address your addiction, but any co-occurring mental health issues that you may have, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma, as well.

    Lower Relapse Rate
    Relapse Prevention: While entering any type of substance abuse treatment program is an enormous step in the right direction, national studies continue to show that a longer length of stay in rehab will generally lead to a lower relapse rate.
    Strong Support System

    Lasting Peer Support: Everyone has their ups and downs in recovery, but when you have a strong support system around you, the ups become more meaningful and the downs become more manageable. Long-term rehab gives you an opportunity to build relationships that will last a lifetime.

    Rebuild Your Life with
    Roots Recovery

    At Roots Recovery, we believe that everyone deserves to live a life they love, free of the restraints that drugs and alcohol place on them. Outpatient Treatment is the final step you need to take before leaving rehab and exploring life with a new, sober outlook. In Outpatient Treatment, we continue to expand upon your recovery toolset, making the transition between rehab and reentering society as smooth as possible.

    When you’re ready to reclaim your life from addiction, or to learn more about our Outpatient Treatment, call us at 844.447.6687.

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