Where Men Build Fellowships to Support Life-Long Recovery

Gender-Specific Milwaukee Sober Houses

Our Sober Living houses in Milwaukee are more than just spaces where you can pursue your recovery with others who have similar perspectives. You’ll also learn how to better communicate with others and care for yourself. They’re places where, even when you’re at your lowest point, you can call home.

Men’s Sober Living at Roots Recovery means having a place where you can focus on your recovery and become a better, happier version of yourself.

Sober Living Homes
Near You

At Roots Recovery, we have two separate men’s Sober Living homes in converted two and three-family houses. Each home is equipped with multiple full kitchens and relaxing backyard spaces. Residents share a comfortably-sized bedroom with one other person, and have access to communal laundry, dining, and recreational spaces.

Because our homes are located near the UW-Milwaukee campus, people in the area often share living spaces, meaning that residents in our program can focus on their recovery without the fear of standing out.

Our Milwaukee Structured Living
Rehab Programs

At Roots Recovery, our goal is to help you not only break free from addiction, but gain the tools, resources, and support you need to live a successful and sober life. During our Sober Living program, we provide a safe, inclusive space where you can progress through recovery with a community of peers on the same journey.


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What To Expect In Sober Living

Sober Living is more than just a place where our residents can feel comfortable and at-home, it’s an environment that encourages growth in recovery. That’s why while our top priority is to ensure our residents embrace their new-found sobriety, we also focus on helping them prepare for a successful life outside of our rehab programming.

Learning Essential Life Skills

Addiction Center in Milwaukee

Addiction can make it difficult for people to learn what they need to do in order to lead a life that’s considered normal. For this reason, our residents will not only focus on practicing healthy coping mechanisms and recovery-centered skills, they’ll be taught essential life skills during Sober Living, starting from the most basic. Residents complete daily housework, practicing personal responsibility and learning how to care for themselves after they’ve completed treatment.

Finding Employment

Finding Employment After Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction can make it difficult to find and keep employment — which is why we seek to make this process as accessible as possible. During our Sober Living program, our residents are aided in their job search five days a week by our house managers, and are provided with bike rentals that will help them commute to and from their job, as well as complimentary bus passes until they find employment. We also help residents build their resumes and improve interviewing techniques.

Fellowship and Support

 Group Therapy Session for Addiction Treatment in Milwaukee

It can sometimes be difficult to find your place in the recovery community, but our Men’s Sober Living Program puts support and fellowship just a few rooms away. Our residents encourage each other, celebrate successes, and work towards their recovery goals together. These shared struggles and goals create a bond between residents that is reinforced during participation in group activities like camping trips, hiking, rafting, sports leagues, and more.

Supportive House Managers

Sober Living Alcohol Free

Each home is led by a full-time, live-in manager, with a unique perspective: they’ve all been through treatment at Roots Recovery, and in our Sober Living homes, they help keep order by ensuring that schedules are followed and responsibilities are met. Because they’ve struggled with addiction in the past, our house managers are informed resources for 12-step help and are great sounding boards for questions and concerns regarding the recovery process.

Proudly Serving Milwaukee

Whether you’re coming to us from outside of the Milwaukee area or are local to Sheboygan, Racine, Waukesha, Menomonee Falls, or other surrounding areas, we’ll help you overcome your addiction and achieve a healthy, clean future.

Our team at Roots Recovery is proud to house our Sober Living programs in Milwaukee, where residents can immerse themselves in the educational and entertainment opportunities throughout our city, including catching a Brewers game at Miller Park, watching the Bucks play at the Fiserv Forum, visiting the Harley-Davidson Museum, or spending a day at the beautiful Bradford Beach and McKinley Marina off Lake Michigan. We look forward to helping you progress through your recovery journey and explore all that Milwaukee has to offer.