How to Choose the Right Rehab Center For You

If you’re struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, you’re not alone. The first step to a life of recovery is choosing a rehabilitation center that aligns with your needs. And with the right treatment facility, you can achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

Before All Else, Consider Yourself

Long term sobriety is possible, and the rehab facility you choose for your treatment can make a huge difference on the success and longevity of your recovery. So, how do you choose the right one for you? You should consider what aspects of your care are most important to you, what your goals and needs are, and what’s going to realistically work best for your lifestyle and responsibilities.

What Makes for an Exceptional Rehab Experience?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a rehab center: are you able to live onsite for an extended period of time and receive inpatient treatment? Is outpatient treatment more realistic? Do you need to detox first? Everyone is different, but what’s true for most is that individualized treatment tailored to your needs is often the most successful. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting an exceptional rehab center:

Flexibility and Approach of Treatment Programs

The stage of recovery you’re in when seeking treatment will determine what type of program you start with. However, the right rehab center should be flexible, recognize your recovery journey is fluid, and help you as your needs change throughout your recovery. Rehab facilities that offer a tiered model of treatment can give you that flexible approach and can meet you where you are and adjust with you as you progress through your journey.

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Personalized Care

What does successful treatment look like for you? When choosing a rehab center, it’s also important to consider what your goals are, including what substances and behaviors you need help recovering from. Rehab centers that offer individual and group counseling services can help you identify and heal the root causes of your addiction and develop a supportive network with others who have gone through similar experiences.

Variety of Recovery Services

Many people struggle with long-term recovery not just because of their addiction, but also because they lack the healthy coping skills they need to hold a job. Or, they may not have a supportive network to help them navigate the challenges of staying sober. An excellent rehab center offers more than just a space to avoid your triggers — it also provides the helpful tools and strategies you’ll need to maintain a long-term recovery. A 12-step program, practical life skills, or even more advanced therapy like dual diagnosis treatment are all valuable for ensuring your recovery journey is successful.

It’s not uncommon for those struggling with addiction to struggle with a mental health condition too: dual diagnosis treatment in addition to standard recovery services can help you recognize the impact both conditions can have on your life and sobriety.


Most rehab centers strive to ensure that you don’t feel isolated or lonely, as these emotions are not conducive to a healthy recovery journey. When you’re in a serene, comfortable environment, as opposed to a hospital-like setting, you can relax and truly begin healing. Many facilities offer treatment and support in a relaxing setting where you have your own space and have access to the outdoors or nature around you. It can also be helpful to seek facilities that are gender-specific so you can feel safe and be able to fully focus on your recovery among your peers.

Support Network

You can’t recover from addiction alone — having a strong support network is essential. Any facility you choose should foster a strong sense of community and fellowship so you can lean on and learn from others. Forming strong bonds with your peers who have been where you are is integral to your recovery now and in the future.

Staff Expertise

In addition to their specialization and experience, every member of your rehab facility — from the medical staff to clinicians and counselors — should also have a deep understanding of the challenges you’re facing and be willing to support you without judgement. Finding a center founded and staffed by those also living a life of recovery ensures you’re receiving the right support, treatments, and guidance from people who truly grasp addiction.

Get Started on Your Recovery Journey Today

At Roots Recovery, we’re proud to offer all the elements that make up an exceptional rehabilitation center, including sober living homes that provide a safe space to live following your treatment. Our founders and staff members are proof that you can live a life of recovery with the right support and customized treatment. We know the challenges of recovering from addiction firsthand and have found our purpose in helping others like you find their way too. We use a flexible model of treatment to give you the care you need and deserve, contact us today to find lasting peace and recovery.