Taking the First Steps to Recovery in Day Treatment


Substance abuse and addiction can hold you back from living a normal life. They can keep you from achieving the future you deserve. They can harm your relationships and keep you from forming new ones. At Roots Recovery, our continuum of care begins with Day Treatment, a period of recovery where you’ll build the foundation you need to finally beat addiction and reclaim your life.


Our approach to addiction recovery is built around our clients spending less and less time in structured rehab as they gain the confidence and skills they need to live a sober life. In this model, the first big step is our Day Treatment, a program that incorporates the fundamentals of partial hospitalization (PHP).

Often starting after detox or residential addiction rehab, Day Treatment is an intensive program similar to inpatient treatment, except that you can return to the comfort of a home each night. Held from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. five days a week, our Milwaukee PHP is designed to ensure that you’re an active participant in your recovery. On average, clients participate in Day Treatment for four weeks, but our individualized approach means that each client will have the flexibility to progress through treatment at a pace that’s best for them and for their recovery.

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    At Roots Recovery, we designed our substance abuse treatment model to address all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit that have been impacted by drug or alcohol abuse. After assessing your goals, we’ll develop a treatment plan that will best serve your recovery needs and ambitions.

    One-on-One Counseling Sessions

    While in Day Treatment, you’ll attend weekly, one-on-one counseling sessions with a licensed addiction therapist. These sessions are safe and accepting conversations where you can delve into your relationship with addiction and explore the factors involved.

    You’ll work with one of our experienced substance abuse counselors in Milwaukee to identify, unpack, and heal the underlying causes of your addiction to make meaningful progress. We make it a point to treat the individual just as much as the addiction: we’ll go above and beyond to find the strategy that makes it easiest for you to create sustainable change.

    Each week, you’ll also meet with our medical director, Kathleen Trott, M.D., to provide updates on your progress and discuss any potential obstacles to your recovery.

    Group Therapy Program

    During outpatient rehab, group therapy is held daily for those who participate in our Day Treatment Program. Led by one of our clinical addiction counselors, group therapy takes place in a non-judgmental environment where you can learn and grow with others who, despite their individual circumstances, all face the same disease.

    While each of our clients are walking their own path towards sobriety, the ability to connect with and support others battling addiction is a rewarding experience. Group therapy encourages accountability, reduces feelings of isolation, and introduces new perspectives to help foster long-term recovery.

    At Roots Recovery, we also encourage clients to invite their loved ones in for family counseling. Led by the client’s substance abuse counselor, these one-hour sessions take place in a private setting, giving all participants a safe environment where they can express their feelings and communicate what they need from the other person(s) to heal.

    12 Step Program

    Used by drug and alcohol rehab centers across the globe, 12 Step programs have helped countless people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse overcome their addiction so that they can live happier and healthier lives.

    During Day Treatment, clients are introduced to the 12 Steps from the beginning because we’ve seen firsthand how the program can help people start off on the right foot and make steady progress in their recovery. Although the 12 Steps were founded as a set of guiding principles, they can be adjusted to your specific needs, beliefs, and goals.

    As part of our community-based program, clients will attend positive AA meetings where they’ll have an opportunity to discover solutions for recovery, as well as in-house residential meetings with their peers. At Roots Recovery, our 12 Step program is all about fellowship, unity, and support. It’s about making amends, righting what you’ve done wrong, and learning how to live a meaningful, substance-free life in recovery.

    Life Skills Training Program

    Day Treatment represents the starting point of building a strong foundation that can support your sobriety in the future. One of the pillars of that foundation is focused on helping our clients acquire the tools and skills necessary to lead a happy, purposeful life in recovery.

    Because addiction affects people physically, we take time in a PHP setting to stress the importance of proper nutrition, while also allocating time for exercise. We focus on strengthening mental health by providing clients with coping skills and teaching them how to deal with daily stressors. Our Milwaukee Sober Living homes give clients a stable living environment to stay in while they’re here, but we also take actions to ensure they have a supportive residence to return to at the end of rehab.

    As we work with our clients toward regaining total independence, we also help them re-discover purpose through employment, volunteer work, and any other positive activities they are passionate about. With our community-based approach, clients will be able to take on new challenges knowing they have the support of their peers and the guidance from the Roots Recovery team.

    Finding Partial Hospitalization Programs Near Me

    If you’re searching for a partial hospitalization program near Milwaukee that provides comprehensive addiction treatment, compassionate care, and the supportive environment you need to achieve lasting sobriety – we can help.

    As a step-down from inpatient rehab, our Day Treatment program offers the structured setting of residential, while giving you the autonomy of outpatient treatment. With men’s and women’s Sober Living homes in Milwaukee’s Upper East Side, our substance abuse treatment center is just a short drive away, making the program as convenient as it is effective.

    At Roots Recovery, we believe our close-knit fellowship community is what really makes us unique, and while we understand that addiction may have made your outlook bleak in the past, we want you to know that you have a group of people here to help ensure that your future is bright.

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