Recovery-Focused Homes for Men & Women

Sober Living Homes
in Milwaukee

At Roots Recovery, we don’t just offer residential rehab accommodations: we provide our clients with a place to call home. Those suffering from addiction may be intimidated by the thought of finding their place in the recovery community, but our Sober Living homes in Milwaukee provide a warm and welcoming place to build the fellowship, skills, and support needed to achieve lifelong recovery.

Our Sober Living homes in Milwaukee are designed with your comfort in mind. They’re safe, secure spaces where you can focus on overcoming your addiction and begin your recovery journey without the distractions of the outside world. By being surrounded by other like-minded individuals with similar goals, you’ll receive the constant support and encouragement you need to succeed.

Sober living dining room set up as a halway house alternative

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    Gender-Specific, Milwaukee Sober Living

    Our men’s and women’s sober living homes are designed with your comfort in mind. The living spaces are warm, inviting, and comfortable, because we want you to truly feel that this is your home away from home.

    Residents share a comfortably-sized bedroom with one other person, and have access to community kitchens, living spaces, and laundry. Our sober living homes are in great neighborhoods, and each has its own backyard for outdoor activities. Because these homes are located near the UW-Milwaukee campus, where it’s common for residents to share living situations, members of our Sober Living program can blend into the neighborhood and focus on their recovery without worrying about standing out.

    Sober Houses for Men in Milwaukee

    Sober Houses for Men
    in Milwaukee

    Unlike other rehab facilities, our men’s sober houses in Milwaukee are not clinic-like, medical spaces; they’re comfortable places for you to call home.

    At Roots Recovery, we have two different men’s Sober Living houses, the first is a converted two-family home with two full kitchens. The house also features cozy bedrooms and an entirely renovated third floor that acts as a hangout space for residents. The second men’s sober home is a converted three-family home with three full kitchens, spacious bedrooms, and comfortable leisure spaces.

    Our male only sober living homes provide a safe, distraction-free environment where men can feel comfortable expressing their feelings with those of the same sex because of the relatable life experiences and challenges faced in recovery.

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    Sober Houses for Women in Milwaukee

    Sober Houses for Women
    in Milwaukee

    Although our men’s and women’s sober houses are separate, every resident in our Sober Living program has access to the same high-quality treatment and resources.

    Our women’s sober house is a two-story, single family home. With hardwood floors, a full kitchen, spacious bedrooms, tasteful decor, washers and dryers, and more, this sober living home is furnished with your comfort and convenience in mind. At Roots Recovery, while we understand that each female client has a unique and diverse set of needs, we focus on providing a safe, inclusive space for all women to find their path to recovery.

    When women enter our gender-specific Sober Living program, they join a sisterhood that will empower them into a happy, fulfilling life of sobriety.

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    Our Milwaukee Structured Sober Living Programs

    Sober Living at Roots Recovery is a highly-structured program that allows adults 18 years and older to work on their social, professional, and personal goals in conjunction with their recovery. Residents focus on their recovery in a comfortable environment, with housemates who share their challenges and goals. In our structured living homes, our residents are empowered by a supportive community that can help them succeed in their rehab.

    Reinforcing Recovery

    For our residents, breaking free from addiction is the top priority. Our residents’ Sober Living schedules revolve around our other treatment programs, ensuring that recovery is the focus of their days.

    Residents attend outpatient substance abuse counseling with their Roots Recovery therapist and 12-Step meetings in the community. We also require our residents to attend nightly house meetings where we practice sobriety skills and coping mechanisms outside of traditional treatment, reinforcing these tools by putting them into practice.

    Practical Life Skills

    Addiction can keep you from learning the skills you need to live a normal life. This is why we delegate time to teaching our residents how to properly care for themselves. Our house managers instruct residents on how to do laundry and grocery shop with their health in mind. Putting these life skills into practice, as well as completing daily chores and housework, helps residents get used to fulfilling their responsibilities and teaches them the skills they need to care for themselves after leaving treatment.

    Finding Employment

    Many people who suffer from drug or alcohol abuse can struggle with finding or keeping a job. Once our clients have reached a level of treatment that allows for more flexibility in their schedule, we help them seek and attain employment. Sober Living house managers personally make sure unemployed residents get the transportation they need to search for and hold employment in the community. Our staff also provides our clients with resources for resume building and improving interview skills to strengthen their applications.

    Access to a Community and Fellowship That Lasts

    Recovery is our shared mission, and we support each other through our trials, celebrate successes, and work together to replace old modes of thinking and acting with a new system of personal accountability. Living together and sharing common goals for sobriety creates a strong fellowship between residents, providing every person with a space and support group that feels like home.

    Our residents also take engaging, recreational weekend trips to go camping, hiking, rafting, participate in sports leagues, and more. The fellowship between residents and Roots Recovery staff endure long after leaving Sober Living: these support systems can last a lifetime.

    Transportation and Recreation

    Transportation is provided for residents to and from court dates and scheduled doctor appointments. All residents are given a complimentary weekly MCTS transit pass until they find employment and will have access to a fleet of bicycles available for checkout, furnished with locks and helmets. Residents who are not familiar with the bus system in Milwaukee are assisted by other residents and house managers while they learn to navigate the area.

    We also encourage our residents to practice an active lifestyle, and provide them with the means to do so. Our residents can checkout daily gym passes and join their peers in fun runs, hikes, yoga, and seasonal volleyball, softball, and basketball leagues.

    Supportive House Managers

    Each sober house at Roots Recovery has a full-time, live-in manager, who is a former resident of our program. These managers ensure that daily schedules are followed and chores are completed. They also help residents find a 12-step sponsor and make sure they’re engaging in their recovery instead of going through the motions. They serve as a valuable resource to our residents for questions and concerns about building a sober life.

    Our house managers are dedicated to helping residents succeed, and build strong bonds with clients based on their shared experiences. They’ve each fought their own battles with addiction, and understand how destructive drug and alcohol abuse can really be. They also understand the struggles one can face in recovery, which gives them special insight into how they can help their residents move forward with their lives.

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    Deciding Between Sober Living Homes
    or Halfway Houses in Milwauke

    At Roots Recovery, we don’t refer to our Sober Living facilities as halfway houses, because there is a great difference between living in a halfway house and our sober homes.

    Those who seek out halfway homes often have already completed treatment programs at a rehabilitation center, and are now looking for accommodation where they can continue working towards their recovery. At Roots Recovery, our residents in our Sober Living program are still completing treatments while practicing sobriety at the same time. We think that practicing living a sober life should begin during treatment, where you can learn life skills and grow with peers as you progress along your recovery journey.

    Typical halfway houses in Milwaukee are less regimented and structured than our Sober Living program. Often built for clients who have already completed rehab programming, halfway houses allow for more freedom. However, in our Sober Living homes, residents adhere to a schedule, ensuring that their days are spent focusing on rebuilding their professional and social lives, as well as working towards their recovery.

    Our Milwaukee-based sober homes also spur fellowship and friendship, not only between our residents, but between our residents and their house manager, as well. Unique to our Sober Living homes, our house managers act as invaluable resources to our residents, providing support, guidance, and structure.

    Turn a New Page with
    Sober Living at Roots Recovery

    We’re proud to offer our clients a safe and welcoming environment, where they can heal without distractions and practice the skills they gain here to live a sober life. The fellowship and friendships built during our Sober Living program help position our residents for a successful recovery, and can evolve into a lifetime of support.

    In our Sober Living programs, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to pursue a lifetime of sobriety. We look forward to helping you beat addiction for good so that you can finally achieve the future you’ve always dreamed of.