Milwaukee Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Breaking Free from Addiction in IOP

Roots Recovery Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Drug or alcohol abuse can change the trajectory of your life, and it’s often difficult to resume a normal life, even in recovery. At Roots Recovery, we’ve designed our Milwaukee addiction treatment programs around helping our clients find their path to recovery, and smoothly transition back into society.

 Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is an important phase of recovery that focuses on personal growth and developing social skills that are essential to living a successful, sober life. This is a time in which we work with clients to help them carry the progress and the learnings gained in Day Treatment and transfer them into the practical skills used in everyday life.

Our Approach to IOP in Milwaukee

As our clients steadily gain the skills they need for sobriety, they’ll spend less time in our structured environment, and more time practicing the skills they’ve learned here in the real world. We use these phases of outpatient care to ensure that once our clients complete treatment, they’re as prepared as possible for a life of recovery.

IOP is typically the second phase of our step-down, addiction treatment model at Roots Recovery. Clients participate in programming four days a week, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., and complete individual substance abuse counseling on a fifth day. Our Milwaukee IOP offers a natural progression between our highly involved Day Treatment and our more accountability-driven Outpatient Treatment. The flexible nature of IOP provides clients with the opportunity to secure part-time employment while staying active in their recovery.

Comprehensive IOP Drug and Addiction Rehab

Our curriculum for Milwaukee IOP focuses on self-examination and personal growth. We’ll help you establish goals and teach you how to set healthy boundaries while working on your recovery. We constantly update our IOP curriculum, taking prior client feedback, industry best practices, and emerging evidence-based therapy methods into consideration, in order to make sure that clients stay engaged and active in their treatment.

Individualized Addiction Counseling

You’ll meet with your addiction counselor during IOP treatment at Roots Recovery to continue working on your personal path to successful sobriety. Your individual therapy sessions take place in a safe, private environment where you can address the underlying problems that contributed to your addiction. We’ll also help you develop coping mechanisms and skills for proper stress management that you can utilize throughout your life to keep you from reverting back to drug or alcohol abuse.

IOP is also a time when we start to focus heavily on relapse prevention. Part of this involves a deep understanding of the root causes of a client’s addiction. Another contributing factor is an understanding of the specific triggers that each client will face in their daily lives outside of intensive outpatient treatment. How does a person’s job, social circle, and family life affect their ability to stay on track in their recovery? These are just a few issues that we help clients address during this stage of their treatment.

Fellowship Building Exercises

At Roots Recovery, we place a special emphasis on forming lasting relationships between our clients. It’s through participating in group therapy, meetings, and exercises — as well as the sense of community fostered in our Sober Living residences — that our clients develop strong support networks with their peers. These group-focused activities exist in low-pressure settings where you can consider how addiction affects your behavior and interact with others in social situations.

Group therapy at Roots Recovery is an opportunity to learn from the shared experiences of your peers while sharing your own experiences to help those around you. These fellowship-building activities help everyone heal emotionally, become stronger, and more unified as a community. Those in IOP will attend various group therapy sessions, recovery workshops, 12-Step meetings, and speaker presentations. We also offer discussions about overcoming social anxiety, how to be of service to others, establishing accountability in personal and working relationships, conflict resolution, and other interpersonal skills.

Coping Skills and Mechanisms

We often find that people who come to us for help haven’t led a life that society would consider “normal”. As clients continue to transition into an everyday routine, we focus on what they need to function. This ranges from the most basic life skills, to practical methods of staying sober in the face of the obstacles that life outside of therapy will present. During our Milwaukee IOP, we build on your recovery toolset with coping skills and mechanisms that can help you adjust to life’s challenges and expectations. During treatment, we’ll discuss:

  • Relapse prevention techniques and strategies
  • Your progress with the 12-Steps
  • How to have fun while resisting addictive substances
  • Gaining nutritional knowledge
  • Developing healthy sleep habits
  • Spirituality, mindfulness, and meditation

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    Substance Abuse Treatment in Milwaukee
    Find an IOP Substance Abuse Program Near Me

    If you’re typing outpatient substance abuse treatment near me into a search engine, you will likely find many different options for outpatient care. At Roots Recovery, we encourage you to do your due diligence when it comes to finding the addiction treatment center in Milwaukee that fits your needs or the needs of your loved one the best.

    To help you narrow your search, we’ve provided 5 questions that you may not have considered yet that we believe are important to keep in mind as you begin exploring the various sources of support in the Greater Milwaukee area:

    Is the Substance Abuse Treatment Center Licensed and Accredited?

    Carf Accredited

    One way to check is to see if the treatment center is accredited by CARF, which stands for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. With an extensive accreditation process, CARF ensures that the treatment center conforms to their high-quality standards and focuses on the unique needs of each person individually.

    Look for the CARF Seal of Accreditation logo on the substance abuse treatment center’s website or to be certain that the provider has an up-to-date accreditation, search here:

    Is Sober Living Offered During IOP and is it Provided by the Same Rehab Center?

    Those who are participating in an Intensive Outpatient Program benefit greatly from the structure, peer support, and healthy living environment that is provided in a Sober Living residence as they begin working towards regaining independent living.

    Some rehab centers may say that they offer Sober Living, but sometimes those residences are owned and operated by a different company. At Roots Recovery, we think it’s important that the core values and principles applied to treatment are also adopted in Sober Living.

    Learn More About Sober Living

    Does the Rehab Center Provide Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in IOP?

    A substantial number of people who struggle with addiction are also dealing with a mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, or trauma. For those that are properly diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder, the treatment plan must be hyper-individualized because of the complexity of that person’s needs. The goal of dual-diagnosis treatment is not just about becoming sober, it’s about acquiring the tools and skills it takes to remain sober.

    For instance, consider the real-life scenario of an addict in recovery who is also struggling with depression: when that person feels depressed, those feelings can induce the need for drug or alcohol use. A comprehensive dual-diagnosis treatment program teaches coping skills and various techniques to manage those situations with confidence.

    Learn More About Dual-Diagnosis

    Does the Rehab Center Use Conventional or Holistic Therapies in Treatment?

    The choice between rehab centers is an immensely important decision: we recommend being completely informed about how each organization approaches addiction treatment and recovery to ensure you believe in their core principles and philosophies.

    Some IOPs in Milwaukee only use holistic therapies and some take a conventional approach. At Roots Recovery, we believe that addiction affects the body, mind, and spirit, which is why we integrate both evidence-based and conventional treatments with comprehensive and holistic therapies during Intensive Outpatient Treatment.

    Learn More About Our Approach to Recovery

    Does the Addiction Treatment Center Offer Family Therapy?

    Although there is no denying that addiction is a family disease, some rehab centers may still say that family therapy causes a conflict in treating the needs of their clients since sessions with loved ones focus on bringing to light the needs of everyone affected by the disease of addiction.

    First and foremost, we will always put the needs of our clients first and will never force family counseling on any client at Roots Recovery. If, and when the client is ready, we will encourage them to invite their loved ones in for therapy because we believe that it’s crucial to our clients’ recovery to walk into a supportive, healthy, and loving environment at the end of treatment. In order to do that, there needs to be open and honest conversation between family members, amends need to be made, boundaries need to be set, and importantly, everyone needs to heal and everyone deserves a chance to be heard.

    Learn More About Family Therapy

    Reclaiming Your Life from Substance Abuse with Roots Recovery

    At Roots Recovery, we’ve seen firsthand how substance abuse can prevent you from living up to your potential, both personally and professionally.  Our mission is to help you get back to being the real you by addressing the challenges that addiction has put in front of you, so that you can learn how to establish and sustain a healthy foundation that will support your sobriety for a lifetime.

     We want to help you regain your status as the positive, happy, and supportive person that’s present in the lives of those you love most. We’ll work together so you can become the parent, the spouse, son, daughter, or friend that you used to be. We’ll work tirelessly to help you reinvent your professional career and show you what it takes to have long-term success.

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