4 Ways to Resist the
Temptation to Party

Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The adjustment between time spent in rehab or sober living and experience on the outside can be difficult. It doesn’t help that there are holidays that seem to revolve around using drugs and alcohol — New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and the 4th of July, to name a few. This can make things even more challenging if you’ve recently become sober, and it can be hard to avoid the temptation to partake in these seasonal occasions.

This is an obvious dilemma because people party to have a good time, but some of these situations are inherently problematic for people struggling to avoid alcohol and other substances. At Roots Recovery, we understand the challenge of staying sober despite societal pressure to use — that’s why we’ve put together a list of strategies to help you navigate these situations, and still have a good time!

1. Have Friends Around Who Support You

Having friends around who understand your commitment to sobriety can serve as a buffer for any issues that might arise, or as moral support to keep you on track. A supportive friend can even help get you out of situations in which you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable or keep you company when it seems like “everyone else” is partying.

2. Be the Planner in Your Social Groups

If you find yourself staying in to avoid parties and putting yourself at risk, consider planning your own get-togethers — ones that don’t rely on substances to keep the good times going. This will give you more control of the environment. And if you take it a step further and plan a more active event such as a day hike or bike ride, it can be a great alternative to taking part in activities that threaten your recovery.

3. Research Sober Events in Your Area

In order to avoid temptation without feeling like you’re missing out, you could do some digging and see if there are any sober events happening in your neighborhood. For example, instead of hitting the bars on St. Patrick’s Day, maybe there’s a nearby restaurant, club, or park doing something special for the holiday. This way, you can still feel like you’re celebrating without the risk of being triggered.

4. Know When It’s Time to Go

You may also want to have an “exit strategy” ready for situations you suspect might be triggers for you. Have your ride home prepped ahead of time, and a mental checklist of things to look for that’ll prompt you to leave a party. And don’t forget — if you’re in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, it is always okay to leave.

Roots Recovery Prepares People
for Lasting Recovery

At Roots Recovery, our dedicated staff understands the importance of being prepared for real-world situations that come up after rehab. We know that there are going to be joyous times and holidays ahead worth celebrating and want our clients to feel prepared for those experiences. That’s why we utilize both evidence-based and holistic therapies that get our clients ready for any triggering or challenging situations that might arise.

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