The Most Common Barriers to Addiction Treatment

Young female thinking about seeking addiction treatment at Roots Recovery

Many individuals who struggle with substance abuse do so alone, but it’s not always because the person simply refuses to get help. There are sometimes obstacles preventing people from seeking treatment, no matter how much a person wants to go to rehab. Here are some of the most common reasons that those struggling with addiction don’t seek help, and how they can be overcome.

Unwillingness or Denial

The first step to seeking treatment is to recognize that help is needed. Many people who suffer from addiction do not realize the severity of their problem until it is too late — and if they do recognize the problem, perhaps they aren’t ready to stop using, or they may have been addicted for so long that it completely controls their lives.

If this is the case for a loved one, a gentle hand is needed. Don’t make them feel attacked or cornered, which may enable their addiction further. Instead, speak plainly and honestly to them to help them see the benefits of a fresh start.

Shame or Fear of Stigma

Though our society is beginning to recognize that addiction is a disease and not a personal failing, many people struggling with substance abuse may avoid getting help for fear of the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds addiction. If the person is still employed, they may worry that seeking treatment will lead to losing their jobs, though there are laws to prevent this throughout the country and many employers now offer leave for addiction treatment.

In some cases, this worry may extend to a person’s personal life: their family and friends may be unaware of the extent of the problem, and some individuals fear that seeking treatment could cause their loved ones to look at them differently, straining relationships with the people they care most about. Fortunately, we as a society are moving in the right direction when it comes to dismantling the stigma surrounding addiction, and continued education is important to help dispel fears of judgement and shame.

Lack of Access to Treatment

Even if a person wishes to seek help, they may be unable to find quality rehabilitation programs in their area or may be unable to access them due to transportation or scheduling issues. This means that, sometimes, a person struggling with addiction has to go a little farther to find the care they need.

This makes programs like Sober Living essential, because residential rehab accommodations at rehabilitation centers like Roots Recovery offer a safe place to stay while in treatment, reducing a potential commute, and house managers can help arrange transportation for work, counseling sessions, and other activities.

Roots Recovery addiction treatment group helping a new member overcome obstacles

Financial Limitations

One of the biggest reasons people don’t seek treatment for substance abuse disorders is concerns about the cost of rehab: Many people believe that they simply can’t afford to seek treatment. While some treatment centers have a reputation for being expensive, much of this perception is misguided and based on outdated preconceptions.

In reality, it’s more than possible to receive affordable treatment. In fact, an increasing number of health insurance plans now include some coverage for addiction treatment. At Roots Recovery, we believe that addiction treatment should be accessible to everyone who needs it, because everyone deserves the opportunity to reclaim their life. We even work directly with health insurance providers on our clients’ behalf to ease the stress of navigating insurance benefits and ensure that our clients receive the help they need. There are also private-pay and affordable financing options available.

Recovery Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Seeking help for substance abuse can be daunting, but the first step is recognizing the problem and reaching out for help. At Roots Recovery, we work with prospective clients to help them find a way to pay for the care they need, because we believe that rehab is an investment in the future.

Roots Recovery has been part of the sober community of Milwaukee since 2012, and we’ve been changing lives ever since with our gender-specific sober living and outpatient addiction treatment, giving those struggling with addiction a safe place to focus on their recovery.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, reach out to us today.